In any bathroom, large or small, using space in a constructive an practical way is always an important concern. From the position of the bathroom fixtures, to the floor space in between, and any additional storage, designing a successful bathroom layout involves a range of important considerations. And a corner shower could be the perfect solution. But what are the advantages of corner showers? And why should you choose one? Well, here at Lancashire Installations, we install a range of bathroom and wetroom options. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about corner showers.

Advantages of corner showers

So, why should you choose a shower that fits into the corner of your bathroom? Well, there are a number of reasons, including:

  • Saving space- a shower that is positioned in the centre of a wall, with an enclosure surrounding it, is more likely to take up more space than a corner shower, regardless of shape or size. So if space and practical layout are important considerations for your bathroom, a corner shower can be the perfect choice.
  • Flexible design- while a corner shower is built to fit into the corner of the bathroom, it can be elongated on one side to create a spacious shower zone, or it can join two walls with a sliding semi-circle doors. So a corner shower can take up as much, or as little, space as you want.
  • Replace a bath- in many small bathrooms, a corner shower can easily replace a bath. This can help create more room in your bathroom, and you can even get rid of the shower curtain!
  • Style- a corner shower can be created to suit the style of any space, traditional or contemporary.

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