In any bathroom, choosing the right taps can be an important practical decision. As well as an aesthetic choice, different taps are available with different physical properties. And choosing the right taps for your property can be difficult. Mixer taps are becoming increasingly popular in a range of bathrooms. Especially those with a contemporary style, although they are available to suit more traditional or classic bathrooms too. So why should you choose this type of tap? And what are the advantages of mixer taps in the bathroom? Well, here at Lancashire Installations, we are leading bathroom design and installation professionals. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of mixer taps in the bathroom.

Advantages of mixer taps in the bathroom

There are several advantages to choosing a mixer tap for your bathroom, including:

  • Versatility- mixer taps can be used for all kind of fixtures in the bathroom. From small sinks and double basins, to freestanding baths and corner baths, these taps are incredible versatile. They are also suited to different bathroom styles too, with more traditional high arch taps, or more contemporary styles available.
  • The perfect temperature- with a mixer tap you can set the perfect temperate for you. With two separate taps its difficult to control the temperature of the water, and the hot tap generally pours out water that is too hot, and the cold tap, too cold. But with a mixer tap, you can adjust to find the perfect medium. This is even better for those with young children and babies.
  • Economical- in general, mixer taps are fitted with a flow limiter, which prevents too much water being taken from the hot and cold pipes at once. This means you will save money on your energy bills, as you will probably be using a lot less hot water.

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