Choosing a new sink for your bathroom can be a challenge. After all, there are so many different types to choose from. But one option that could be perfect in large or small bathrooms, in any style, are vanity sink units. These are sinks that are built into a bathroom cabinet. But why should you choose a vanity sink unit? Well, here at Lancashire Installations, we are leading bathroom design and installation professionals. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of vanity sink units.

Advantages of vanity sink units

So, why are vanity sink units such a good option? Well, there are a several reasons, including:

  • Additional storage- a vanity sink unit is a sink that sits on top of a cupboard or cabinet. For small cloakroom bathrooms, or en-suite bathrooms, these sinks can be half size, with a small unit underneath, perfect for cleaning products or extra loo roll. While for larger bathrooms you could opt for a double sink vanity unit, with two cupboards and two sinks combined for additional space and storage.
  • Visually appealing- vanity sinks are designed to hide the unsightly pipes and pipework that is usually visible under the bathroom sink. This means they are a very visually appealing option for most bathrooms. It also means you wont have to contort yourself to clean the dust off these pipes, as they will be hidden away, protected in a cabinet.
  • Flexible designs- vanity sink units can be a great choice for bathrooms in any style. From the most contemporary, to the most traditional, a vanity sink unit can be the perfect addition to any bathroom in any style. For contemporary style why not choose a handleless cabinet with a glossy finish, while for traditional spaces a unit with an intricate design, or embellishments, could become a stand out visual feature.

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