Here at Lancashire Installations, we are plumbing experts. From boiler servicing and repairs, to bathroom installations, we can offer a variety of professional services. So what about cloakroom bathrooms? Smaller usually than any other space in the home, including the en-suite, the cloakroom bathroom needs to be designed with this in mind. As a result, we have produced this guide to the best tips for creating a cloakroom bathroom.

Tips for creating a cloakroom bathroom

A cloakroom bathroom needs to be both stylish, and practical, for it to be a welcoming and usable space. After all, this is the bathroom that most of your visitors and guests will be using when they visit your home. So, you need to consider:

  • the bathroom fixtures- in general, a cloakroom bathroom uses only a toilet and a small sink. The most important step is making sure that these can fit in comfortably, in the space available. There needs to be enough space around the toilet to use it, and there needs to be enough space so that the fixtures do not get hit by the door.
  • the size of the tiles- in a small space, the tiling choices you make will be more important. This is because any imperfections in the tiling will be more obvious, and the grout lines will also be more obvious too. In a small space, smaller tiles, like subway tiles, can be effective.
  • the style of the room- choose fixtures and decor that matches the style you are trying to present. As the cloakroom bathroom is downstairs, it can be a good idea to choose decor that matches the style of your hallway, living room, dining room or kitchen. Traditional, or contemporary, you can create a cloakroom bathroom suitable for any style.

For more information or advice about creating a cloakroom bathroom, or a quote, get in touch with the team today, here at Lancashire Installations.