When designing your new bathroom, a free-standing bath could be a great addition. The epitome of style and luxury, free-standing baths can be perfect for any bathroom, with any style, from the most traditional, to the most contemporary. But which type of free-standing bath should you choose? Well, here at Lancashire Installations, we are leading bathroom design specialists. And this is our guide to the different types of freestanding bath available.

Which type of free-standing bath should you choose?

Free-standing baths are available in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as designs. These often bring different practical advantages too, so choosing the option that would best suit your home and bathroom is important. So what are these different options? Well, they include:

  • The slipper bath- This is a type of free-standing bath that is raised at one end, so that it looks like a slipper shoe. This means that you can rest your back comfortably against the edge of the bath, and it is easier to get into and out of the bath. This type of bath is usually single ended, with the taps positioned on the lower end.
  • The boat bath- a boat bath is a type of free-standing bath that is curved, with both ends mirroring one another to resemble a rowing boat. The taps are in the centre of this bath, so it is double ended.
  • Roll- top bath- a roll top bath has rolled edges which makes them more comfortable. They are also usually slightly deeper than other types of bath. These can be double ended or single ended. And some may even have decorative feet, like gold claws. These baths are seen as incredibly luxurious.

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