Installing a corner bath

Here at Lancashire Installations, we are Preston’s leading bathroom and plumbing experts. And we can re-design and fit your bathroom, to make sure you get the bathroom you need. So whether that’s a new shower, or a full accessible bathroom, you can count on us. One of the fixtures that has grown in popularity over recent years is the corner bath. But what do you need to consider before installing a corner bath? Well, check out our expert guide.

Installing a corner bath

Corner baths, along with freestanding baths have become a symbol of luxury, relaxation and elegance. Thanks to their use in 5 star hotels and luxury spa’s, the corner bath is incredibly desirable. But when installing a corner bath, you need to consider the rest of the room. And the positioning of the various fixtures.

The bathroom sink

Whether you have a large or a small bathroom, making the most use out of the space, will help you create a bathroom that is both stylish and practical. As a result, we would suggest installing a corner sink unit, to match your corner bath. After all, symmetry is a great design feature.

But this also offers a practical advantage as well. The sink tends to stick straight out of the wall. Creating an obstacle. When entering or leaving the corner bath, a sink in the middle of the wall ahead,can be difficult to manoeuvre.

Consider your tiling

For a luxurious bathroom that feels classy, you need to match your corner bath with the right tile options. Marble and stone effect tiles can really add to the style of your bathroom, and this will match both a traditional and a contemporary style bathroom.

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