Adding storage to a cloakroom bathroom

Here at Lancashire Installations, we are leading bathroom installation professionals. From high quality wet rooms, to accessible bathroom design, we can provide a range of high quality bathroom solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about adding storage to a cloakroom bathroom.

What are the different options for adding storage to a cloakroom bathroom?

So, how exactly can storage space be added to such a small room? Well, there are a number of things you could consider, including:

  • Sink vanity units-sink vanity units are a great option for adding storage to any small bathroom space. These combine a usable sink space with a small cupboard space underneath. So instead of wasting the space under your sink you could instead have pace to store hand-towels or cleaning products.
  • Slimline cupboard- a wall mounted cupboard could be a great choice, as long as it is slimline. This means that it wont be very deep, but to make up for that you could choose a tall cabinet with plenty of shelf space.
  • Corner cupboard- another option is to install a corner cupboard that simply creates a triangular shape, joining one wall to another at the corner. Corner space in cloakroom bathrooms is often wasted, as none of the fixtures would be usable here. So this could be a good position for a small cupboard or storage space.
  • Slimline mirrored cabinets- over the sink, it is quite common to hang a mirror. But if your mirror also doubles as a storage space, this could be even better. These could even be slimline, so that they don’t restrict head-space, or protrude too much into the bathroom area.

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