Advantages of a cloakroom bathroom

When it comes to home renovations and property development, a cloakroom bathroom, usually downstairs, is often a popular addition. But why? And what are the advantages of a cloakroom bathroom? Well, here at Lancashire Installations, we are bathroom design and installation professionals. And this is our guide to everything you should know about cloakroom bathrooms.

What is a cloakroom bathroom?

So, first of all, what exactly is a cloakroom bathroom? Well, this is a small bathroom featuring a toilet and sink, usually installed in a small downstairs room, or a converted cupboard. The space under the stairs or in the hallway is frequently used to create these areas, and most new build homes have a cloakroom bathroom as standard.

What are the advantages of a cloakroom bathroom?

There are several advantages to choosing to install this type of bathroom, including:

  • Creating useful space- adding an additional bathroom to your home is an incredibly practical use of space, especially space that would have otherwise been wasted, or used just for storage.
  • Stop the morning rush- if you struggle to share the bathroom in the morning with your household, a second bathroom can be useful and helpful.
  • Visitor bathroom- for visitors and guests, a cloakroom bathroom often means that they do not have to walk all way through your home to use the bathroom.
  • Ground floor bathroom– a ground floor bathroom is a practical choice for families with young children as well as people with mobility issues.
  • Increase the value of your home- a new bathroom can increase the value of your home or property by as much as 5%.

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