Advantages of a wall hung toilet

Here at Lancashire Installations, we are bathroom design and installation professionals. From en-suite bathrooms and cloakrooms, to accessible wet-rooms, we are the team you can count on for professional bathroom installation. And this is our guide to everything you should know about wall hung toilets.

What is a wall hung toilet?

A wall hung toilet is a toilet that is attached directly to the wall. The bowl of the toilet is mounted onto the wall, instead of the floor. In a similar design to back to wall toilets, the cistern is hidden behind the wall, or within in built, fitted bathroom furniture.

What are the advantages of a wall hung toilet?

There are several advantages to choosing a wall hung toilet. These advantages include:

  • Saving space- a wall hung toilet can help to save space in a small bathroom, or an en-suite or cloakroom bathroom. This saves floor space as well as wall space, as there is not toilet pedestal or visible cistern. This can also help a small bathroom feel larger, as there are fewer visual distractions.
  • Contemporary design- for any contemporary bathroom, you should consider choosing contemporary bathroom fixtures, like sinks and toilets. Wall hung toilets are designed with contemporary design in mind. This includes squared edges and straight sides, to really give your bathroom the perfect visual feature.
  • Matching set- wall hung toilets can be a great addition to any bathroom with a wall hung sink. These two fixture will complement each other effectively. They can also both be used as part of a matching set within a fitted bathroom furniture frame, which can be a stunning use of space in a bathroom of any size or shape.

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