Avoid a Plumbing Leak this Winter

There’s no good time for your plumbing system to break down – and it’s even worse as the months grow colder which can become considerably inconvenient. Seasonal changes and temperature drops can have quite a big effect on your plumbing system so the following steps below will help you to prevent a leak or crack this Winter!

Drain your Water Heater
If you live somewhere with hard water, something called sediment can grow in your tank which causes rust to form inside. This can find its way into your drinking water, cooking, and even bath water. If there is too much damage, consider replacing it before Winter.

Protect your Pipes
Once temperatures drop, outside pipes can freeze and crack which causes them to burst. If left, this can cause floods, and other damage. It’s best to wrap your pipes in insulation made from foam and secure it with duct tape so it’s secure. This will prevent any damage from happening and keep your repair costs low.

Fix any Leaks Now
The best time to repair any cracks or leaks is now so that when it comes to the cold weather, you’re not waiting around. Check taps in your bathroom and kitchen and if you do have a leaky faucet, get in touch with a plumber straight away.

Close any Outdoor Valves
If you have any interior valves that lead to outside faucets, close them all off and drain them. Any water that remain in the pipes can freeze and cause damage.

Dump your Hose
Leaving your hose connected up outside during the Winter can cause water to freeze and expand, this can also lead to freezing your faucets and pipes too so it’s best to get rid of it to save you on any repair bills in the future.