Bathroom building regulations

In small bathrooms, it can be tricky to plan the placement of bathroom fittings. This often leaves homeowners and property developers alike wondering how on earth they can fit everything in. Often, the compromise is to leave out the bath or the shower, or to combine the two. However, this isn’t your only option, as long as you follow the building regulations. Here at Lancashire Installations, we are experts at bathroom fitting. As a result, we have produced this guide to bathroom building regulations.

What are bathroom building regulations?

Building regulations for your bathroom lay out minimum sizes for a safe and practical bathroom. This includes the spaces between your bathroom fittings. Before planning your new bathroom, you should speak to your local authority and gather the full details. This will actually help you plan out a new bathroom that will be usable and legal.

Here is a general overview of the space that the building regulations discuss:

⦁ there should be 28 inches around the longest side of the bath so that you can safely get in and out
⦁ there should be 24 inches in front of the toilet
⦁ there should be 21 inches in front of the sink
⦁ there should be 24 inches for shower door clearance to avoid collisions with other bathroom fittings
⦁ the shower needs to have a minimum of 30×30 inches floor space

As you can see, these bathroom building regulations are not excessive. They will just help keep your bathroom safe and sensible.

How does this relate to bathroom fittings?

Once you have read the building regulations, you can begin to plan and design your new bathroom. If you are struggling for space, here are some helpful tips to help you get all your fittings in, and still meet the building regulations:

⦁ Fit an outward opening bathroom door. This way your door won’t take up floor space and you don’t have to worry about it bashing your fittings
⦁ Make use of corners with corner baths of showers. By fitting these right in the corner you save on floor space.
⦁ Opt for toilets and sinks that are wall hung. This can prevent your floor space from becoming crowded.

In summary

Bathroom building regulations are really helpful to bathroom planning. If you need any advice, or if you would like a new bathroom installation, dont hesitate to contact us at Lancashire Installations.