Bathroom design for a corner bath

Creating the perfect bathroom for a corner bath is a great way to ensure an elegant and luxurious bathroom. However, planning the bathroom design and layout for this dream bathroom can be more complicated than you might think. Especially if you want a usable and practical space, as well as a stylish one. Here at Lancashire Installations, we install a huge variety of bathrooms across Lancashire. As a result, we have produced this guide to bathroom design for a corner bath.

Plan your layout

When thinking about the bathroom design for a corner bath, you should first consider the room layout. Deciding on which corner you will place the corner bath is the first step, before then considering the remaining bathroom fixtures and fittings. Remember that you need to leave a usable amount of floor space between each fixture, in accordance with the building regulations.

If you are also including a shower in your new bathroom, it is a great idea to plan the style of shower you will be using. A shower enclosure or a shower quadrant is a great addition to a bathroom with a corner bath.

Match with the sink

The corner bath and the corner sink should be considered as a matching set. Using one with the other is the perfect bathroom design for a corner bath. This is because a corner sink saves on floor space, and unlike a basin sink, a corner sink does not protrude from the centre of your bathroom wall. This is more important than you might think when it comes to a corner bathroom. The line of traffic with a corner bath can be directly impeded by a usual pedestal or basin sink, while a corner sink follows the layout.

Use the wall space

Now that you have the location of your bathroom fixtures mapped out, consider using the wall space productively. In a bathroom using a corner bath and a corner sink, there is often a blank wall space between them. You can use this practically by adding:

  • a towel rail, helpful for both the bath and the sink
  • a tiling feature, or
  • a large mirror

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