Bathroom Re-Design Considerations

Bathroom installations are our area of expertise, here at Lancashire Installations. As bathroom fitters we are often asked to help our clients plan and design new layouts for bathroom suites they have purchased. We know that a new bathroom should stand out from the crowd, and a personal or unique touch can really make this happen. As a result, we have produced this guide to bathroom re-design considerations.

Altering the Fixtures

Planning the location and positioning of new bathroom fixtures is a key part of developing a bathroom that works for you.

Many homeowners and landlords simply swap old, existing fixtures for updated versions, as this is the easiest option. However, you dont have to stick with the same old layout, instead you can breathe new life into a space by transforming the fixtures and fittings, as well as the layout. Here at Lancashire Installations, we can alter plumbing and remove and reposition pipes.

In addition, a new bathroom is the perfect time to consider new fixtures. Ever wanted a vanity unit, additional sink or a brand new shower? Well, we can easily make that happen.

Colour choices

The colours you use for your bathroom will help you personalise the space, but they can also have an impact on how you feel when using your bathroom. Colour psychology can mean more than you might think when you are trying to relax in the bath, surrounded by bright red walls. Trust us, consider your bathroom colour scheme and get bathroom fixtures to sit this.


Finally, one of the biggest bathroom redesign considerations is storage. Storage is almost always overlooked in favour of fittings, fixtures, layout and colour schemes. However, just because it is the least exciting, it is a huge practical concern for any home. No matter how large your bathroom is, you still need storage space. As a result, you should consider methods of storing your bathroom essentials, during the design phase, to make sure your bathroom is a practical as you need it to be.

For more information or advice, or if you are ready to begin your bathroom redesign, contact us today at Lancashire Installations.