Bathroom trends to watch out for in 2016

At Lancashire Installations we take the responsibility of keeping abreast with the latest bathroom trends very seriously indeed. Every year there are new features and styles that come into the reckoning, and in our role as bathroom consultants, as well as installers of the highest standard, we are accustomed to pointing our customers towards the latest styles that they may adopt for a new bathroom. Here we look at some of the bathroom trends we expect to emerge this year.

Tiles get creative

While you can’t beat a simple and durable bathroom tile, 2016 looks set to be the year when things get a little more creative. Based on our projects so far, we have already seen a rise in the number of alternative patterns requested for bathroom tiles, such as windmill and basket weave styles.

Ambience is key

We see more and more demand for mood creating fittings and features in bathroom. As well as being a functional room, intelligent lighting and decorations can make the bathroom an even more relaxing part of the house, and at Lancashire Installations we are happy to present you with some ideas.

Bathrooms go green

Indoor plants have long since penetrated other parts of the house with flowers and cacti a common fixture in many living rooms and kitchens. Now we are seeing bathrooms go green with an increasing number of homeowners choosing to place a plant or small tree in the bathroom, adding fresh, living element.

Wonderful wood

The use of timber and other suitable wood in the bathroom can give a pleasant, homely look. We can recommend ways you can work wood into your bathroom installation without it costing an arm and a leg. Woods lends warmth to a bathroom and fits in well with Victorian properties and other homes with a traditional feel.