Beat the wet and dreary winter weather with Firestone rubber roofing!

With storms rolling in across the country left, right and centre, and what seems like a permanent blanket of drizzle coating the nation, it’s never felt soggier – and there’s never been a more pressing time to ensure that your roof is water-tight and durable!

You’ve heard of most roofing materials, but what about Firestone roofing?

The system is based on high performance Firestone rubber membranes which are used with accessories to ensure a watertight and effective flat roofing solution. As a highly durable and weather-proof roofing material, it is very commonly used for extensions and outside buildings of one story.

Environmentally friendly, quick to apply, and durable, Firestone roofing is a great solution in so many situations, including porches, dormers, verandas, garden sheds and garages.

For over a century, Firestone has been a sure sign of quality and craftsmanship across the realm of rubber products and technology. Since 1980, more than one billion square metres of Firestone membranes have been installed across the world.

Over the winter, as temperatures plummet and the clouds roll in, Firestone materials really show their advantage. Creating a single layer that is watertight, this roofing material is impervious to the freeze-thaw cycle, meaning that the life of your roof is extended far beyond the average roof.

Here at Lancashire Installations in Preston, we pride ourselves on our skill and hard work, and this extends to the Firestone rubber roofing that we install. As a family business, we make it our business to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated, which means exceptional work at fair prices. For a quote on our services, or for advice on a job, get in touch with our friendly team.