Benefits of a pedestal sink in the bathroom

Pedestal sinks are a specific and easily recognizable type of sink that have a sink basin, on top of a narrow, thin, pedestal. This actually hides the pipework for the sink rather nicely. Typically used in traditional bathrooms, the pedestal sink was once the sink of choice for many homes and households, but now faces stiff competition from other sink options like vanity sink units. So what are the benefits of a pedestal sink in the bathroom? Well, here at Lancashire Installations, we are leading plumbing and bathroom design specialists. And this is our guide to everything you should know about pedestal bathroom sinks.

What are the benefits of a pedestal sink in the bathroom?

While pedestal sinks have dropped in popularity in recent years, replaced in favour by vanity units or wall hung sinks, this type of sink still remains number one. But what makes the pedestal sink so popular? And what are the benefits of a pedestal sink in the bathroom? Well, there are several, including:

  • Classic and timeless design- a pedestal sink with no decorative edging or features can be a classic and timeless feature in any bathroom. While these are typically associated with traditional bathrooms, they can also be incredibly effective in contemporary spaces too, as long as there are no decorative features, and you choose the right taps.
  • Saving space- while a pedestal sink will take up more room than a wall hung sink, because of the pedestal below, this is actually less space consuming than a vanity unit. This means that for narrow or small kitchens, a pedestal sink can be the most practical option. The pedestal tends to be less than 8 inches in diameter, which saves on floor space.

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