The benefits of wet room installation

Wet room installation is something we specialise in here at Lancashire Installations. Turning your existing bathroom into a wet room, can be a huge change to your bathroom, but we think it is definitely worth it. But what is a wet room? And what are the benefits of wet room installation?

Firstly, what is a wet room?

A wet room is essentially a tanked and sealed, fully waterproof bathroom. To achieve this, the walls and floors are sealed with waterproof layers, and this stops the water from leaving the wet room. On top of this waterproofing, tiles will be applied, and the floor will be made to slope towards the drain. Once all of this is complete, the bathroom is fully waterproof and you can use the shower, without having to build an enclosure. Having said that, there is typically a screen door to separate the sower area from the toilet area to prevent it from becoming wet whenever you have a shower. Despite this, the area will still be much larger than a usual shower enclosure.

What are the benefits of wet room installation?

There are many benefits of wet room installation, these include:

  • A better use of space- The space in your bathroom will be used much more effectively if you install a wetroom. You will have more showering room, and if your bathroom is large enough, you can still make use a bath.
  • Accessible- If your movement and mobility is restricted, you may struggle navigating the shower tray. With a wet room, there is no shower tray. As a result, you dont need to worry about steps and can retain your independence without taking risks.
  • Value- Finally, a wet room can be a huge bonus when you are selling your property, as they are incredibly popular, and can increase the value of your property.

For more information or advice, or for your own wet room installation, get in touch with the professionals today here at Lancashire Installations.