Boiler problems and hard water

Here at Lancashire Installations, we are gas and boiler experts, and we provide solutions for homeowners, landlords, and commercial businesses. So whether its a boiler install, repair or service, you can count on us. When it comes to boiler repair, one of the most common issues we encounter is kettling. And this is caused solely by hard water. As a result, we have produced this guide to boiler problems and hard water.

Hard water

So what is hard water? Well, hard water is simply water that also contains some dissolved calcium and magnesium ions. These can be very beneficial for teeth and bones, but they lead to big problems for your central heating system. Different locations in the UK have different levels of hard and soft water. Here in the North West, most of our water is moderately hard. But what does this mean for your boiler?

Boiler problems and hard water

Hard water can cause a range of problems, not only with your boiler, but also with your central heating system in general. This is because the dissolved ions are left behind when the water is heated to steam. The remaining ions bond to form calcium carbonate. More commonly known as limescale. This limescale coats pipes, the heating element, and even blocks up your radiator.

Within the boiler, limescale can form on the heating element, which makes it more difficult for the boiler to heat the water efficiently. As a result, the boiler needs to use more energy, and more fuel to power your central heating system.

Inside the pipes, limescale deposits not only block up the pipes and prevent the smooth flow of steam and water, they can also cause issues with thermal conduction. Again, this will mean that your boiler has to work harder, costing you more in fuel bills.

In addition, calcium carbonate can build up inside the radiator. This means that your radiators will develop cold spots, and your home will feel colder.

If your radiators have cold spots, and your pipes or boiler are rattling, contact an expert team today, like us, here at Lancashire Installations.