Choosing a corner toilet for a cloakroom bathroom

As Preston’s leading plumbing experts here at Lancashire Installations, we can install a range of stunning bathrooms, suitable for any home and any style. As part of this, we install a range of toilet options. These include corner toilets. But why should you consider a corner toilet? And what are the benefits of this design?

What are the benefits of choosing a corner toilet for a cloakroom bathroom?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to installing a comer toilet in a cloakroom bathroom. These advantages include:

  • Making use of corner space- in a cloakroom bathroom the space is restricted and as such, the corners can be an effective installation position for the toilet. This makes use of corner space that would otherwise be wasted, leaving the central walls free and increasing the available floor space.
  • Stylish design- corner toilets are available in a range of different styles and designs, suitable for properties of all styles, including the most contemporary bathroom spaces, and the most traditional. This is because a corner toilet is simply a toilet that is installed into the corner of the room, with particular attention aid to the shape at the back of the toilet. As such, corner toilets can be back to the wall, or close coupled options. This also means that these toilets can be different heights, including comfort height toilets for those with mobility issues.
  • Perfect for cloakroom bathrooms with an unusual shape- some cloakroom bathrooms can be an unusual shape or design. As such, the corner toilet can be the perfect option, as there may be more corners than usual in this style of bathroom.

One thing to consider about a corner toilet is that the waste pipe can be more difficult to install.

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