4 shape options for your shower enclosure

As Preston’s leading plumbing experts here at Lancashire Installations, we can install a range of stunning bathrooms, suitable for any home and any style. As part of this, we install a range of shower enclosures. But what are the different types of shower enclosure? And why should you opt for a shower enclosure for your bathroom?

What are the top 4 shape options for your shower enclosure?

There are a lot of shower enclosure options, that can provide a practical and comfortable showering experience. These include:

  • Quadrant showers- Designed to fit into the corner of the bathroom, the quadrant shower uses a curved front to join the space between two corner walls. So the end result can be compared to a pizza slice! This shower enclosure saves space and can be very practical. It also suits contemporary bathrooms because of the modern shape and appearance.
  • Rectangular shower enclosure- This type of shower uses up the same amount of space as a regular bath, and it can provide a larger, luxurious showering space. Built either into the corner, or the centre piece of the bathroom, the rectangular shower uses either one wall or two, and then glass screens to create a full rectangle.
  • Square shower enclosure- back to the corner with this one, the square shower uses two corner walls, and then two glass screens to make a stylish square shape in the corner of the room. This is a little roomier than the shower quadrant, because of the two glass screens rather than the curved front.
  • D shaped shower enclosure- this type of shower is a real centre piece. It is often confused with the shower quadrant, because of the curved front. However, the D shaped shower actually only uses one wall, and then a large curved front to create the shower.

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