Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom, you’re probably considering different shower options, and bathtubs. But have you delved into the world of toilets recently? There are a number of different toilet styles to choose from, and each style is most suited to a particular type of bathroom. From traditional to contemporary, there is a toilet that could really transform your bathroom. And here at Lancashire Installations, we are Preston’s leading plumbing experts. From boilers to bathrooms, we provide a top quality service for all our customers across Preston and the North West. As a result, we have produced this guide to choosing the right toilet for your bathroom.

Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom

When it comes to choosing a new toilet, you should consider:

  • the style of your room
  • the size of your room
  • mobility issues

The style of your room

For an ultra-modern or contemporary bathroom, you might want to consider a wall hung toilet. This type of toilet hangs on a sturdy metal frame, and there is no visible cistern. So the whole design looks incredibly minimalist and contemporary. In fact, as the toilet is suspended above the ground, the overall effect is stunning.

For a more traditional room, you might want to consider a close coupled toilet. This is the most common type of toilet in the UK, and it involves both the pan and the cistern being close together, with the cistern sitting on top of the pan, against the wall.

The size of your room

If you have a small bathroom, or you are decorating an en-suite or cloakroom, you might want to consider a slimline toilet. These take up less space than a usual toilet, and can help you save floor space in a small room.

Mobility issues

If mobility issues will be a factor in the present, or in the future, you might want to choose a toilet that will meet your needs. Taller toilets can be easier to reach if bending and standing unsupported are an issue. And grab rails can also be very helpful, positioned carefully around the toilet area.

For more information or advice about choosing the right toilet for your bathroom. get in touch with the professionals today, here at Lancashire Installations.