Common plumbing problems to be aware of

We encounter a wide range of plumbing issues every day. Some of them are arguably avoidable, yet many could still occur, even with the most thorough maintenance inspections and the best upkeep.

To keep you aware of the potential problems that may arise, here are some of the most common plumbing repair jobs you may need help with.

1. Gushing taps

If you ever find that water is gushing out of your tap when it should only be trickling, it’s most likely because you have low water pressure.

A lot of the time, this issue is due to problems with the municipal water supply, not your pipes. Often what happens is that dissolved minerals make their way into the inner surfaces of your shower heads and aerators, in turn clogging up the screens and slowing the flow of water.

It happens more rarely, but sometimes it may also be due to a break in the main line.

2. Dripping taps

It may sound like a minor issue, but dripping taps can become very annoying after a long time, especially when trying to sleep or relax. If the tap is leaking water at a fast rate it can also risk soaking a room, or at the very least increasing your bills.

Within most taps there are either silicone or rubber-based washers which create a seal that prevents water from pushing through once you’ve turned it. If these become damaged over time – whether dislodged, torn or merely stiff – that’s what allows the small amounts of water to seep through.

3. Toilet flushing

Toilet handles sometimes have to be pushed repeatedly in order to get a reaction, and occasionally you’ll find they won’t flush at all.

This can be due to the inner workings of the appliance, for instance the flapper valve that allows water to go from the tank into the bowl, not being fitted on properly. Other reasons include the float being imbalanced and the fill tube coming loose.