Considerations for shower over bath design

Here at Lancashire Installations, we are leading bathroom design and installation professionals. From showers and baths to sinks and vanity sink units, we are the team you can count on. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the different options for shower over bath designs.

What are the important considerations for shower over bath design?

Choosing a shower over bath option for your bathroom can be a great option to save space and provide the option of both luxurious baths and convenient showers, without having to choose between the two. However, to get the most out of this option for your bathroom, there are a number of things you should consider. These include:

  • The shape of the bath- depending on the space available in your bathroom you can opt for an L or P shaped bath, or even a B shaped bath, which will provide additional space for showering, with a more square base, instead of the narrower rectangular space.
  • Shower screen doors- with any shower over bath option you will need to consider keeping the rest of the bathroom dry, with some kind of protection. While a shower curtain can be a good option, this is not as effective as a shower screen. A shower screen fitted to the top of the bath can prevent any water escaping the shower area, and can be much easier to clean than a shower curtain that can become mouldy. The shower screen options can also be hinged, folding or sliding to allow the screen doors to be moved easily for improved bath access.
  • Concealed shower options- a concealed shower is one where the shower head and the thermostat controls are the only parts of the shower visible, with the pipework etc hidden in the wall cavity. This style can be applied to a shower over bath design for a contemporary stunning visual result.

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