Creating a contemporary small bathroom

Small bathrooms are fairly common, especially in new build properties and Victorian terraces. But that doesn’t mean that your bathroom design should be overlooked. In fact, small bathrooms can benefit from contemporary styling and design ideas. Here at Lancashire Installations, we are experienced bathroom fitters. This means that we can help you plan and install the perfect contemporary small bathroom.

Bathroom fixtures

Even in the largest bathroom, you will still find the same bathroom fixtures as those you need to fit into a small bathroom. The toilet, sink, shower and or bath are all common bathroom fittings. But cramming these into a small bathroom, while meeting building regulations can be challenge. That’s before you even consider creating a contemporary small bathroom. But trust us, its not as difficult as you might think.

Save space with the shower

You might not have room for a bath and a shower, so if you’re a shower fan, just choose the shower. This way you can create a shower that really works for you and your home. To save space with your shower, opt for bi-fold, or even better, sliding doors. This means that you don’t need to worry about your shower doors colliding with other fixtures or fittings. In addition, with stainless steel fixtures, your shower can stick to the contemporary style.

Slimline toilet

If your bathroom is smaller than usual, you might want to consider a slimline toilet. Most of the slimline range are designed with contemporary styles in mind. From oblong to squared, with button flush systems, a contemporary style slimline toilet can be a fantastic addition to your bathroom.

For more ideas or advice, or for your bathroom fitting, get in touch with the experts today, here at Lancashire Installations.