Different options for adapted bathrooms

Designing a bathroom to meet your needs is an essential health and wellbeing consideration for many people, especially those with mobility issues. But there are a number of solutions available. Adapted bathrooms can be created to be stylish and contemporary, as well as practical and functional. So what are the different options for adapted bathrooms? Well, here at  Lancashire Installations, we are leading bathroom fitters. From stylish, practical wet rooms, to full bathroom re-designs, we have the skills and the experience to take on any bathroom project. And this extends to adapted bathrooms too.

What are the different options for adapted bathrooms?

There are a number of different options for adapted bathrooms, including:

  • Walk in shower enclosures- if your bathroom needs to be adapted for mobility issues, a walk in shower enclosure can be a great option. Without a lip or step into the shower, there is no obstacle or barrier, so you can maintain your independence.
  • Wet room- a wet room extends the idea of a walk in shower to the entire room. This means that there may only be a shower screen or curtain around part of the bathroom to protect the rest of the fixtures from water spray, but the room itself will be entirely waterproof, including the walls and floors. This can be one of the most effective options for wheelchair users.
  • Comfort height toilet- a comfort height toilet is designed to be higher than standard toilets. This can be beneficial for people with limited mobility, as the toilet is further from the floor. However, for wheelchair users, you may need a lower toilet for easier transition from chair to toilet seat.
  • Comfort height sink- for bathrooms with a comfort height toilet, it’s a good idea to add a higher level sink to reduce bending and stooping to the taps. And again, wheelchair users should consider a lower level sink.

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