Different bathroom sink options

When designing and installing your bathroom, it’s important to choose the fixtures and features that are practical, useful, and also fit with the design scheme of your home. Even something as simple as your bathroom sink, can make a big difference to the style and practicality of your bathroom. That’s why, here at Lancashire Installations, we have produced this guide to the different options for your bathroom sink.

What are the different bathroom sink options?

So, what are the choices when it comes to your bathroom sink? And how can you be sure to make the right choice? Well, there are several options, including:

  • Vanity units- these are a combination of a sink, and a storage cupboard. The cupboard underneath ides the pipework, and offers additional storage, while the sink is built in to the top of the cabinet. These can be slimline and small for en-suite bathroom sand cloakrooms, or larger for family bathrooms.This is a practical choice, because of the additional storage, and the units are available to match both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.
  • Wall hung sinks- these are incredibly contemporary and stylish. The sink in this case is built into the wall, with no visible pipework at all. This means that it also doesn’t stand on anything, it simply hangs at an appropriate height, out from the wall. This is best coupled with a wall hung toilet, for a stylish and attractive contemporary bathroom. For a more traditional feel, you can opt for a semi pedestal wall hung sink. These have a small pedestal underneath, which will match a more traditional bathroom style.
  • Pedestal sink- these are sinks that stand on top of a pedastal. These take up more floor space than a wall hung sink, but they are perfect for more traditional bathrooms. Some styles even suit a contemporary space too.

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