Different options for your new bath

Here at Lancashire Installations, we are bathroom design and installation professionals. From en-suite bathrooms and cloakrooms, to accessible wet-rooms, we are the team you can count on for professional bathroom installation. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the different options for your new bath.

What are the different options for your new bath?

There are a wide range of different types of bath, for any bathroom. So what are the choices? And how do these differ? Well, there are several categories, including:

  • Corner baths- Probably the most common type of bath over the last few decades, corner baths have one length against the bathroom wall, and the shorter length against another, fitted into the corner of the bathroom. This helps to save space. These can be suitable for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms, as long as you choose the right fixtures and finishing touches to secure the right visual result.
  • Back to wall baths- Similar to corner baths, back to wall baths are baths that have one length of the bath against the bathroom wall, but are not fitted into the corner. This may be because you have instead fitted a corner shower, or your bathroom may be an unusual shape or layout. Whatever the reason, a back to wall bath can be a great addition to either traditional or contemporary bathrooms. Why not turn this into a feature, with feature all tiling behind?
  • Freestanding baths- freestanding baths do not need to be fitted against a wall at all, and instead support their own structure. These can vary in type from roll top baths to slipper baths. While these are associated with luxury and sophistication, they can be suitable for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms, depending on which style you choose.

For more information or advice about the different types of bath, that might be best suited to your home, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Lancashire Installations.