Guide to freestanding baths

Here at Lancashire Installations, we are bathroom specialists. From traditional bathrooms to contemporary styles, we can install something to suit any home. One of the popular options that many homeowners opt for is the free standing bath. But what is a free standing bath and how can it suit your bathroom? Well, this is our guide to freestanding baths.

What is a freestanding bath?

First of all, what is a freestanding bath? Well, this takes its design inspiration from the traditional cast iron tubs that used to be brought out int front of the fire, or in wealthy homes, would be centre stage in the bathroom. However, all it retains a similar shape and design, the contemporary freestanding bath makes use of contemporary design features, including smooth, rounded edges, or claw feet.

The centre of the room

Similarly to the tub from which it took inspiration, the free standing bath is usually positioned in the centre of the room. This means that it really stands out as a true bathroom feature. It also means you can make use of full, 360 access, which makes the bath itself more practical than a regular bath fixture.

The positioning of the bath in the centre of the room means that its design has become a very important feature. As a result, free-standing baths are now designed with their appearance in mind. From roll top edges and gilded taps and feet, to the more reserved slipper tub, free standing tubs are designed to match any bathroom style.


A free standing tub has become synonymous with elegance and luxury. Taking a bubble bath in a roll top bath for example is something advertised as a real spa-like relaxation method.

For more information about how a free standing bath could be installed in your bathroom, contact the professionals today, here at Lancashire Installations.