Increasing bathroom storage

When planning and designing your new bathroom, storage probably isn’t top of your list of priorities. Not when you need to choose a shower or bath option to suit your lifestyle, as well as a stylish and practical toilet and sink combo. But you could design and install the most stylish and attractive bathroom, but without storage, it simply wouldn’t be practical. Bathroom storage is essential for any bathroom, in any home. Here at Lancashire Installations, we are Preston’s leading plumbers, and bathroom design experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to increasing bathroom storage.

Increasing bathroom storage

There are several options available to help you increase the amount of storage in your bathroom. These options can include:

  • vanity units
  • building a cupboard
  • storage accessories

Vanity units

With a sink built into the top, and a cupboard underneath, a vanity unit is a great addition to any bathroom. By combining the sink with a cupboard space, the vanity unit can actually make better use of the space available, when compared to a stand alone sink. This is because the space underneath the sink is usually wasted. But adding a cupboard can create the perfect place to store your extra toilet roll, and your cleaning products, or even some clean towels.

Building a cupboard

If you have a fairly large bathroom space, and you are prepared for some extra work, a cupboard can be built into your space. This might take up your floor space, but if you have a bathroom that is large enough, adding the extra storage space will be a very practical solution.

Storage accessories

Finally, when increasing bathroom storage, you should consider storage accessories. From small chests of drawers designed to deal with the humidity in the bathroom, to storage racks that hang over the door, there are plenty of storage accessories available. And these can be useful even in a small bathroom with limited space.

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