Installing double sinks in the bathroom

Deciding which bathroom fixtures to add to your new bathroom installation can be a challenge. From deciding between a bath or a shower, or opting for both, to choosing sinks and storage options, there a number of different fixtures that could be essential for your bathroom, and choosing the right ones is a practical as well as a visual design decision. One current bathroom trend for medium to larger sized bathrooms is to install double sinks. But what are the advantages of this, and what should you consider when Installing double sinks in the bathroom?  Well, here at Lancashire Installations, we are leading plumbing and bathroom design specialists. And this is our guide to everything you should know about double bathroom sinks.

Important considerations for installing double sinks in the bathroom

If you think that a double sink would be effective in your bathroom, you should consider:

  • Installing a double vanity sink unit- this provides not just two separate sinks, but double the under sink storage too. So if your additional sink would take up otherwise valuable storage space, a vanity sink unit can be the perfect compromise.
  • The space between sinks- if you’re planning to install double sinks for a shared bathroom, you might want to consider the space between each sink. One person may want to have easy access to cosmetics and other items around the sink, and this can encroach onto the other sink, if there is not enough space between.

What are the advantages of installing two bathroom sinks?

There are several advantages to choosing two bathroom sinks, instead of just one. These advantages include:

  • Less conflict while sharing the bathroom space and decreased time to get ready in the morning as you can share with your household
  • Currently a stylish bathroom trend
  • Two sinks can add additional storage if you choose a double vanity unit

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