Plumbing Tips for Winter!

Winter is the worst time to be unprepared when it comes to your heating and plumbing system to it’s always best to plan things in advance.

The worst thing you want to experience within the next couple of months is an unexpected and expensive plumbing problem so below we have listed the ways to be prepared when it comes to maintaining your plumbing and heating system around your home!

Clogged Drains and Gutters

Once the temperature drops and debris starts to clog your gutter, ice will form and this can lead to damage and even potential leaks within the gutter. Leaves are your gutters own worst enemy so our best advice is to clean your gutters before the temperature drops and it’s always best to invest in some gutter guards to prevent any further problems.

Never Neglect Spigots and Hoses

One thing to make sure of is that your hose has been safely unattached from your wall before the cold weather starts to set in. Make sure you also shut off the valve that lead to any spigots as well. They are sure to thaw out but it’s always best to drain any water from the hosepipe and spigots to protect them for further use.

Get Rid of Draughts

Make sure you check anywhere around your home where the water supply lines are, especially if any are situated in unheated spaces. Places such as cellars, basements and attics are typically where you would find them and be sure to insulate both the hot and cold pipes as they can both freeze if the water isn’t running properly which in turn will make the pipe break down.
The best way to prevent all of this from happening is to target the problems before they happen so you aren’t dealing with them when Winter arrives.