Problems with your Central Heating

There is never a good time to be left without heating or hot water. If you have central heating issues, it is easy to look to the boiler. As the head of the central heating system, the boiler is integral to producing heating and hot water. In your home or business, it’s important to understand each part of your central heating system. Here at Lancashire Installations, we know how important a fully functioning boiler and heating system is. So what are the common issues with central heating?

Problems with your radiators

Radiators need to be bled annually. Preferably, bleeding your radiators in the autumn, before the intensity of winter, is the best option. Radiators that don’t receive this maintenance, will not work at maximum efficiency. If you have hot water, but no heating, you could solve this by bleeding your radiators.

In addition, radiators can become full of sludge. This means that if your radiators feel warm at the top or the sides, but is cold elsewhere, it could be experiencing sludge. This makes it difficult for hot water to successfully circulate through the radiator.

Problems with your thermostat

The thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature for the heating, and occasionally the hot water. Problems can occur with the thermostat, most often when communicating with the boiler. This can make it difficult to get your home warm, even with the thermostat set to 25.

Problems with power cuts

If your boiler loses power unexpectedly due to a power cut, when it reboots, it is likely that it will reset to factory settings. Consequently, the timings and programs you have set up will be lost. This is a simple issue to fix as the boiler can just be re-programmed to suit your lifestyle.

In Summary

Many central heating problems can be caused by other parts of the central heating system, including the radiators and the thermostats. If you have a central heating issue, don’t hesitate to contact us at Lancashire Installations today.