Reasons to choose a corner bath

Here at Lancashire Installations, we are Preston’s leading bathroom and plumbing experts. And we can re-design and fit your bathroom, to make sure you get the bathroom you need. So whether that’s a new shower, or a full accessible bathroom, you can count on us. One of the fixtures that has grown in popularity over recent years is the corner bath. But why should you consider one?

What are the most popular reasons to choose a corner bath?

There are a number of reasons why corner baths are becoming increasingly popular. These include:

  • Saving space- corner baths are designed to fit perfectly into the corner of the bathroom, with a rounded edge between walls. This creates the perfect space for the bath to sit, without taking up very much floor space at all. For many small to medium sized bathrooms, this can be the perfect solution to fit both a bath and a shower into the space.
  • Range of styles- a corner bath can be the perfect choice for bathrooms in all styles. You can choose a traditional corner bath, with wooden path panels, or a roll top, or you can opt for something more contemporary. Corner baths are available in a wide range of design styles, so there is sure to be something that will be a good fit for your design scheme.
  • Unusual shape bathrooms- corner baths can also be a great solution for bathrooms with an unusual shape. Whether its a loft bathroom, an en-suite space, or simply a bathroom with uneven length sides and numerous corners, a corner bath can be perfect. This is because a corner bath has shorter sides, so less space is needed along the length of one wall.

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