SSE Report – District Heating should be Increased in the UK

According to the energy company SSE, district heating should be increased throughout the UK to improve the quality of heating efficiency and affordability.

Basically what district heating means is that is uses hot water to heat multiple homes rather than just one boiler for each home. Supporters have claimed that it’s greener, as it produces considerably less carbon emissions than more traditional and conventional ways of heating, it is more energy efficient and more affordable as well.

A report has highlighted examples where district heating has already been beneficial for local communities. It has already provided comfort and efficiency to over 1,800 homes – mainly social housing and a small number of privately owned homes as well. There has been an overall reduction by 62% in CO2 emissions since it was installed.

Working closely with the University of Edinburgh, the report stated that:

  • 80% of tenants said they felt warmer with the new heating system
  • Tenants cutting back on food expenditures fell by 50%
  • Tenants borrowing money to pay for heating fell by 60%
  • Tenants not paying other bills due to heating costs fell by 40%

District heating is also a factor in contributing towards climate change and can also play a central part in making progress towards the UK’s 2020 energy efficiency target to reduce energy consumptions and costs by 20%.

This system proves that by cutting energy waste we can improve tenants lives by lifting them out of fuel poverty and providing them with guaranteed comfort while cutting back on carbon emissions.

We, as a company are all for a greener future and while this may take a while to distribute all over the country, we are all on board towards cutting back and eventually phasing out our carbon footprint and making people’s lives more comfortable and their prices more affordable.