Strange Noises in your Plumbing System? We’re here to tell you what they are!

If there’s a problem in your plumbing system – it can’t always be seen, but it can be heard. Often times your pipes will begin to make rumbling noises and you’ll start to think whether the monster under your daughters bed is a real thing.

At Lancashire Installations, we’re here to help you identify what the noises are most likely to be and how to fix them yourself!

Gurgling Drains

A gurgling drain could possibly mean that your vent pipe might be blocked and this could be preventing water drainage from the system. The drain may also have a bad odour as they allow the gases that have left, to come back again and again. One way to fix this is to check the vent opening which is on the roof to double check it’s not blocked.

Dripping Taps

Don’t ignore any dripping faucet no matter how little our loud it may be. If this is occurring in your home, it’s best to call a plumbing team straight away to get it fixed. The Environmental Protection Agency have stated that just one single leaky faucet can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water and you’re stuck with the bill!


This is relevant to your fixtures and if their hissing like a cat, it means that your water pressure is too high. Not only is this a waste, but it also puts stress on your pipes and increases your water bill. Contact a plumbing team to sort out your PSI levels and have a pressure regulator fitted.

Rattling Pipes

This goes for when you flush the toilet or when your bath water is draining, the rattling noises could mean that the pipes are loose. Please ensure that the pipes are secured properly and one tip is to tighten them – that’ll keep the noises down!