Top 5 signs you need a new boiler

Your boiler is a fundamental part of your household, providing hot water throughout your entire house. As a result, you deserve to own a boiler that is operating to its full potential. If not, it may be worthwhile exchanging your old boiler for a more advanced, cost-effective model. To help you do so, listed below are our top five warning signs that may mean you need to purchase a new boiler:

1 – You cannot run hot water

If your radiators do not warm up to a sufficient temperature or if your water is always cold when running a shower or bath then this might mean that your boiler is not working properly. You may find that you only need to replace a faulty diverter driver, but it is always worth consulting a professional before carrying out any repairs yourself.

2 – You can hear strange noises

If you regularly hear your boiler making strange noises then you may need to have its heat exchanger blocked or replace its pump and fan bearing. Depending upon the age and brand of boiler you own, these parts can be replaced relatively easily.

3 – You are frequently repairing your boiler

If you have to constantly replenish your boiler’s water pressure or reset its processes then your boiler may need to be replaced. All of these maintenance tasks and repairs demonstrate that your boiler is not functioning efficiently and will continue to deteriorate as time goes on.

4 – You cannot find suitable replacement parts

If you try to purchase replacement parts for your boiler and find that they are obsolete or difficult to procure then it may be time to exchange your boiler in favour of a newer, more technologically advanced model.

5 – You can smell abnormal odours

If you notice a weird smell radiating from your boiler then this may be an indicator that the unit is not burning efficiently. Moreover, if you also notice dark marks surrounding your boiler casing then your unit may be leaking harmful carbon monoxide gas and you should have it replaced immediately.

So if your residential or commercial facility boilers are in dire need of replacement then why not contact the Lancashire Installations team today? Browse through our collection of Intergas Boilers online or fill out one of our enquiry forms to receive bespoke boiler repair and replacement advice within 24 hours.