Wetrooms vs bathrooms – which is better?

When renovating the washroom, most people opt for a traditional bathroom, but interest in wetrooms – where your shower is integrated into the washroom and there is no shower tray to restrict water drainage – is steadily growing. A wetroom isn’t for everyone, but there are some definite pros to consider when deciding if a wetroom is for you.

1. Wetrooms can be ideal for those with decreased mobility. It’s relatively easy to install shower chairs and other disability aids into a wetroom, and not having to step over a shower tray can be a great help to many individuals, especially the elderly.

2. Wetrooms certainly make the most of a small space. Removing the shower tray and keeping the room more ‘open plan’ adds a feeling of space and freedom to what might otherwise be a very cramped bathroom.

3. If you’ve ever had to keep a shower clean before, you’ll know it’s not easy. Wetrooms are much easier to keep clean, particularly if you opt for wet walls rather than tiles, which means no grouting and less mildew. You also won’t have to worry about excess water run-off onto the floor – it’s all meant to get wet!

Wetrooms can make brilliant second or third bathrooms for anyone, though there are drawbacks to them, too. Installing a new wetroom is usually going to be more expensive than installing a new shower room – but not always – and some people might feel a wetroom is too ‘niche’ for their tastes.

If you are considering a wetroom, it’s important to have it fitted by a trusted, experienced installer to prevent leaking and damage. Once it’s properly fitted, you will probably find your wetroom adds significant value to your home.