What is underfloor heating – and could it be for you this winter?

Underfloor heating, using electricity or water, is one excellent alternative to conventional radiators and hot-air heating solutions. Yet it’s still relatively uncommon in UK homes, even though it’s hardly a new concept – in fact, it was first used in Roman times!

The comparatively slow take-up could be because it often tends to be associated with luxury; there are few things more luxurious than stepping out of the bath on to a toasty warm floor on a cold winter’s day.

But that doesn’t mean that underfloor heating has to be prohibitively expensive. Here, we look at some of the benefits of this kind of heating system for your home.

1. Underfloor heating is concealed out of sight, so that you won’t have any radiators taking up valuable room if space is at a premium. You can design radiator-free rooms and you don’t have dirt stuck in awkward spots such as behind radiators.

2. Efficiency – this kind of heat is distributed so evenly, it’s a very efficient way to heat up a home. What radiators tend to do is heat up their immediate surroundings, and this means heat is rapidly sent upwards, away from the area to be heated. An underfloor system will heat up a bigger area. There’s environmental efficiency as well, since underfloor heating is compatible with sustainable sources of energy.

3. Underfloor heating works with stone and tiles really well, making it a particularly good solution for bathrooms.

4. By using lower temperatures to heat water than would be used in a conventional heating system, energy consumption is reduced. There is the potential to save up to nearly a third on heating bills.

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